President Sirleaf Honored

One of the world’s largest micro-financing groups based in the United States, the  Women’s Opportunity Network, has awarded President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia the 2008 International Women’s Leadership Award.

At a recent honoring program in New York, Opportunity International-USA said it was honoring the Liberian leader for her commitment to transforming the lives of women and for being a strong advocate for the advancement of women.

The Liberian leader, ‘Opportunity Network’ noted, has been entrusted with the most challenging task any Liberian leader has ever faced – rebuilding a post-conflict nation. Her outstanding leadership, the group asserted has revived national hope and restored Liberia’s international reputation and credibility.

 An Executive Mansion release said, the former President of Ireland, Madam Mary Robinson, presented the award on behalf of the group. She described as courageous and uplifting the Liberian leader’s commitment to the advancement of women. Her leadership, the former Finish President said of President Johnson Sirleaf is making a transformational effect in the lives of women.


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