Taylor speaks to partisans from Prison

My Fellow Partisans:

I am grateful for your prayers and support in these trying times. My health is good and my mind is sound. I am happy to hear of the celebration of your reconnection – our reconnection. I say our reconnection not because I am with you physically. I say our reconnection because although these prison walls have confined my body to its little space, it cannot and will never restrict my spirit. Today, not even the chains can hold me down. As you celebrate, my spirit will break these chains and soar beyond these prison walls to be with you. I know that the program will be successful. Notwithstanding, there are few things that I hope you will reflect upon as you celebrate.

The NPP has never been and should never be about me. It has always been – and my hope is that it will forever remain about you, the people of Liberia. You, ordinary people, law abiding people, neglected people, forgotten people, the old, the young, the rich, the poor, the big, the small, Christians, Muslims, traditional people, all of our people. It has been about providing the political climate in which all Liberians can come together and commit themselves to the genuine and noble causes of nation building. We have been blessed by the Almighty with a geographic space called Liberia. The NPP’s cause has been and continues to be that all of us, irrespective of our tribes, religions and other narrow differences would journey together to build a single nation in which all – not just some of us – would reap the blessings of its many endowments. The cause of the NPP is that opportunities will be shared; that prosperity will be for all; and that justice, peace and security will reign throughout the length and breadth of the country. I am grateful to the Almighty and to you my fellow partisans not just for the opportunity that you provided me to be a part of the formation of this political organization but also for the privilege and honor to have served as its first standard bearer. 

Fellow partisans, your cause is just. Your mission is yet to be fulfilled. Your reconnection should be only based on these two propositions. I have done my part. I leave my judgment to history. My hope is that history will judge me favorably. It is now up to you – each of you to keep the vision alive; to set your sights upon a better and brighter future not just for yourselves but for Liberia. By the courageous efforts that you are undertaking today, my faith has been vindicated – hope springs anew in my breast. There is no doubt in my mind that because of this effort combined with those of other Liberians, our young democracy will survive. Spare no efforts to bring every member of the NPP family back into the fold.

A few years ago, it was with a heavy heart that we parted company. I am still convinced that our parting was in the best interest of the country. Prior to my departure, I promised that if it is the will of the Almighty, I will be back.  I have always imagined that my return would be as any Liberian who yearns for the warm embrace of his/her homeland.  I have never thought that my return would be for any purpose other than to be reunited with my children, my family, my friends, and with you. If it is not His will that we be rejoined in this world, I accept it with the humility of one who is assured of the Omniscience of our God. I am strengthened only in His will. Men may bruise my flesh, they may even break my bones but my soul belongs only to God. I still hope that He will allow us the opportunity of getting together again. However, if these ordeals should prove to be the last chapters of my journey with you, I ask you to look ahead and keep moving on. The road will seem long but keep moving on. The tide will rise but keep moving on. Never lose hope! Keep moving on. Never forget, Above all else, the People!

                With God above our rights to prove, we will over all prevail.     



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